Entrepreneurial Investing Pitch Series

Are you trying to raise funding? I want to help!

Whether you’re a brand new startup trying to get off the ground, a well established small business looking to expand, or a publicly listed company trying to raise another round, understanding how investing works and then getting in front of the right investors is critical.

In the past 15 years I have raised capital as a startup, a small business and today as the CEO of a global multinational PLC.  I have also been an investor myself for most of that time and have seen literally hundreds, if not thousands of pitches.

I want to save you years of pain and frustration by taking you into the mind of your perfect investor and eliminating the many, many mistakes most of us make when we first start this game.


When you put your email address in the box below I’m going to send you, for free, a 5 day video series covering 5 key areas that you need to know before you ever ‘pitch’ an investor.  Most of it I have never heard anyone else talking about. At least not publicly.

Universally I hear from companies that investors waste their time, pitch competitions or roadshows are a waste of money, investors don’t understand their industry, investors don’t trust them, investors don’t have the right values, investors want too much and want to give too little, investors can’t make decisions, investors always want what we don’t have.  And it’s never the right time. Sound familiar?

And on the other side of the equation, investors end up wasting a lot of time listening to terrible pitches from companies who don’t really understand what investors want.

It’s time to narrow the gap between these two parties! 

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