Are you an entrepreneurial investor?


Small businesses make up 50% of the world's GDP.  A single new client can sometimes double or triple the profits of a small business and yet there are no products available to sophisticated investors to access these returns.  Too risky and too illiquid on their own, a new approach is allowing investors to make a positive impact (job creation), get above market returns (PE level and beyond) coupled with all the liquidity of the public markets.

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Not every investor cares where their money goes, but increasingly more of us want to see our investments make a positive impact. Small business job creation has a significant community impact.


The opportunity cost of having your investment capital tied up for years at a time doesn't work for most sophisticated capital.  The liquidity of the public markets allow us to get in and out of our investments quickly and easily.


Everyone wants above market returns, yet people's track record of 'picking winners' leaves a lot to be desired. However, there is one investment product that consistently delivers - if you can get hold of it...

Fast Growth & Dividend Yielding!


Not many stocks can offer that, but you can see a brand new PLC consistently add $1m ebit to the bottom line every single month and grow the EPS hundreds of percent.

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